About Fred

As a youth, Fred felt physically challenged by his tall and rather muscle-less frame. He knew he wasn’t big or strong enough to play high school football but he really wanted to so he decided to learn all he could about becoming stronger and more physically capable on the athletic field. 

Long before it was the popular thing to do, he found himself falling in love with the study of fitness and strength training.

Even as a teen, Fred was a voracious reader and quickly becoming a life long learner. He consistently researched, experimented, and disciplined himself until he not only played football, he became captain of his high school team. He even went on to play college football until a serious injury sidelined him.

While recovering, he was shocked to be diagnosed with severe scoliosis and was told he might not be able to walk by the age of 50 unless he underwent surgery. Not to be dissuaded, Fred wondered if he could learn to help his body recover and thrive despite having a chronic condition and dismal prognosis. 

So instead of surgery, he applied what he had learned about strengthening and healing his body through physical exercise and conditioning. His decision to fight for his health paid off as he corrected and managed his scoliosis to become symptom free. Today at 59 years of age he remains strong, active, and vigilant in his quest to remain fit after 50!

His journey took him through 4 decades of studies in the field of health, fitness and strength training. After finishing his undergraduate studies with degrees in food, nutrition, and physical education, he went on to earn a Masters Degree in Heath and Wellness and multiple professional certifications in personal training and nutrition consultation.



Today, Fred is an author and sought after motivational speaker, often speaking to crowds in the thousands. His books, newsletter, coaching calls, and speaking engagements are known for their humor, inspiration, clarity, and practical application. His expertise has grown in step with his age and experience, and now that he’s closing in on 60 years of age, he wants to share with you his unique perspective on what it takes to remain fit, healthy and well over the life span.

Fred and his wife have 3 grown children who all hold a high value for health and wellness. In various ways, each contributed something unique to the development of the W.I.S.E. Method and its related resources so those over 50 can help their bodies win!

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