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Attention Women and Men OVER 50!

Are You Disgusted With Age Related Fat Gain And Muscle Loss ...


58 year old man accidentally discovered a secret that proves medical experts dead wrong & reveals how you can drop 8-10 pounds of flab and turn your body's clock back at least 10 years in just 28 days and feel fit and young again!

By Fred W. Schafer, MS, CFT -

This article is for women and men over 50 who are hungry or maybe even desperate to get more fit and to turn their body clock back 10, 15, or even 20 years or more.

And while that may sound good enough already, what I propose in this article also allows you to be able to do your favorite physical activities without "just getting older" limits and for you to enjoy great health while looking and feeling like a million bucks.

Chances are though that you may be skeptical about such promises as you may have tried other solutions before with similar claims and hype filled infomercial guarantees that"others swear by"that ended up leaving you feeling disappointed from your lack of results.

Maybe you have already pledged to yourself that you won't fall for any more "too good to be true" programs filled with fountain of youth and "new body" promises that you suspect are all smoke and mirrors.

You may have vowed not to be fooled again and instead just accept the theory of average minded victims that "getting old sucks" and that it "is what it is".

But You Still Have Dreams

On the other hand however, you still have strong dreams for your life. So you really don't want to believe that there is no hope for you ever enjoying rock star shape just because you're over 50 or older.

Because if that were true then that means it's all downhill for you from now to the end.

And that would indeed be a serious bummer...

But I hope that by the time you finish reading what I propose for you in this article you will be inspired and convinced that your best days have not been lived yet.

Because deep down inside your soul, you still have that ember burning. That passionate desire to set your life on fire and live your "hero's journey" adventure before it's all through.

But to do so hopefully you'd agree it might be helpful to get and stay in over 50 great shape for decade after decade until you fulfill your destiny.

Like countless millions though, you may always end up giving up on yourself and quitting your fitness and health programs. Chances are they didn't change much for you before and you didn't feel like it was worth all the effort.

Or it could be you just aren't sure what to do now to get your body and life back on track because you've neglected your health and "let yourself go" due to all of the stress in your life.

Possibly you don't know where you should turn to find someone you can trust to help guide you through the mass of over 50 fitness, health and wellness confusion.

That is understandable because it really is tough to find someone trustworthy who also can relate to and understand you and the challenging demands those of us entering the second half century of our lives face.

Tired of having hard body personal trainer "kids" telling you what to do when they can stay fit drinking in the bar?

Someone who can not only relate to you but can also provide you with an easy to use and proven prescription for you to become a lean, fat-incinerating, anti-aging over 50 and beyond wellness machine!

Most personal trainers are in their 20's, 30's and early 40's. The fact is that there are an extremely rare number of fitness trainers who are themselves over 50. And even fewer over 50 who can truly equip, inspire and guide you in how you too can balance jobs, families, aging parents, financial issues and aging changes taking place in your body while also maintaining a great body, quality of life and health.

Even rarer is that individual or source who can take you're over 50 fitness, health and wellness soaring to incredible heights you may have never experienced before.

You may be convinced at this point it is no longer possible for you to build a nearly unbreakable high performance lean and vibrant body and spirit and rejuvenate your outlook on your over 50 future while looking and feeling better than you have in decades.

Suffering From "Gym Dread"?

Or, like thousands of other people it has been years since you have done any physical conditioning or stepped foot in a gym. Like many, you too could suffer from "gym dread" and don't want to be surrounded by a bunch of really fit people adding to your unfit insecurity.

Or you don't want the hassles of dragging yourself to the gym a few days a week with your already overloaded schedule. You're probably worried about seriously hurting yourself and having to endure another nagging painful injury in addition to the increasing aches and pains you already have?


Maybe you just can't seem to stick to a "diet" and want to be able enjoy your favorite comfort foods occasionally and not have to feel like you're starving all the time?

Or you tell yourself that you haven't been able to get your over 50 fitness act together yet because you just don't have time to work out, can't afford an expensive gym membership or don't want to waste you're hard earned money on fancy equipment that ends up collecting dust in your garage.

a Fat man on the beach

Men over 50 are facing dropping testosterone levels that seem to be plummeting faster than the hopes of mid east peace talks and draining your confidence and virility.

Woman In Menopause

Meanwhile, women over 50 are fighting back against the hormonal imbalances that cause menopause and is giving them mood swings and declining and unstable energy.

Perhaps you too are suffering with type II diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure or low back or knee pain that is slowly draining away your courage. With the combination of advancing age, obesity, chronic disease or a bad back or weak knees it is easy to see why you might feel like the odds are stacking up against you and like your "glory days" could be gone forever.

For some of you the truth may be that you just can't seem to get or stay motivated for more than a week or two?

Here is Another Truth That You Can Trust And Count On

There is a way that the second half century of your life can become the most thrilling, fit, healthy and well years you could have ever imagined.

Just because you are over 50 and/or have failed at your fitness and health improvement efforts before does not mean you must suffer and endure a poor quality of life. You can be different than those who spend their time dwelling on the "good old days" when they used to be able to "seize their day".

How to Seize Your Days for the Rest of Your Over 50 Life!

The truth is that it is possible for you to become fitter, healthier, energetic, trimmer, stronger, powerful and "fully alive" in your body, mind and spirit as you age. Despite all of the difficulties and demands which were outlined above and that you may face. With that in mind it would be awesome to find and apply a trusted, sensible, simple, doable, safe, healthy, proven, scientific, fun, affordable, time friendly solution that really works and can actually transform your body, brain and perhaps even part of your soul. So now for the good news! My friend (if you have read this far, yes, you are now my friend), my belief is that this may be you're lucky day. Yes, I know that sounds dramatic and like hype, but I believe that this is about to become one of the most exciting days of your adult life!

In fact, if you saw yourself described at all above, you are going to fall in love with 50FIT!

Introducing 50FIT - BRING ON THE FUTURE!

Fred-Pic-50Fit Bundle

Who am I and Why Might You Consider Listening to Me?

My name is Fred Schafer and I have just written 50FIT. Some of you may recognize me as the guy who spoke at your conference as I spend a good portion of my time keynote speaking at health, wellness and fitness conferences across America. Here is a picture (sorry for the fuzziness!) of me speaking to nearly 2,000 medical professionals in Long Beach California. To learn more about me and my story, click more about Fred.

While I love speaking, what I love most is teaching others the truth about over 50 physical transformation.

Sarcopenia: Age Related Muscle Loss

But for now I want to make darn sure you are aware of what is probably the most dangerous problem "mysteriously" and ever so slowly destroying your health, undermining your efforts to look and feel your best, causing you to gain excess body fat and making you feel old and tired with growing aches and pains. What is somewhat insane is that almost no one in the health care professions is talking much about it.

Instead, the focus in much of health care and in discussions of becoming fit and healthier is on trying to fix the sickness and disease and over-fat bodies this problem has created.

Furthermore, when trying to improve health and fitness we are often directed to substandard solutions that don't deal directly with the hidden problem creating so much of the over 50 (and much younger) sluggish, flabby, pain and disease ridden, injury prone, weak and overall "de-conditioned" unhealthy and unfit bodies we seem so willing to tolerate.

But once you know about this almost mysterious issue sabotaging your body and health and how to avoid it and counter it, you will be able to:

The Almost Unheard of Health Problem Affecting Millions

But first, let's tackle the true culprit that is stealing most of your beyond 50 fitness, health, health and wellness.

And to make matters worse, also possibly reducing your wealth, emotional energy and time through costly doctor visits, prescriptions and surgeries that in many cases still haven't fixed your real problem!

By all means, visit your doctor if you are facing health troubles. But it still makes sense that to make things better or to avoid the messes we've described above it would be great to get a more accurate diagnosis of your problem in the first place.

And that is what I propose to do for you right now. The real issue that is creating most of the health, wellness and fitness problems of millions of over 50 adults is a condition that is largely ignored by most health "experts", and even the medical profession.

The fact is that this condition is creating a massive amount of substandard (yes, I like the word substandard) health and fitness and unnecessary suffering in the lives of millions of people

And, though I may not know you personally, I can safely assume that you too may likely be a victim of this fitness, health and potentially life threatening condition.

This condition is known as "Sarcopenia". Sarcopenia is a Greek word that means, "poverty of the flesh". Sarcopenia is seen most often in the heath care profession when working with sick and elderly patients. In that case, we simply call it "muscle wasting".


When a patient goes into the "muscle wasting" phase, they are in danger. That is because once they start to rapidly lose muscle, they obviously begin to lose strength. As they lose strength they lose energy to fight to regain their health and their immune system is weakened as well.

Their muscle also significantly affects their metabolism which affects the health of their cells, the amount of calories they burn and their appetite for healthy foods.

So, if a person is experiencing sarcopenia (muscle wasting), they have a few serious fitness and health problems going on.

You, however, are probably not sitting in a hospital bed with a life threatening disease watching your muscle quickly withering away as you read this. Yet at the same time, unless you are purposely working to stop it each day, your muscle is likely slowly leaking away from your body a very small fraction each day.

You, in actuality, are suffering from a simply slower version of sarcopenia. The only good news you may be able to take comfort in is that you are not alone. Millions of Americans are in the same what I call "lifestyle sarcopenia" boat.

How so you ask?

This is so because research has shown that the average American loses ½ pound of muscle tissue each year after the age of 30 (probably late 20's these days). That is 5 pounds per decade!

Furthermore, studies by health researcher Wayne Westcott of the YMCA shows that the average American loses 15 pounds of muscle between the ages of 30-60.

So many of the poor health issues people over 50 are facing is in many cases directly related to their muscle loss. For example, a majority of people with back and knee pain have lost their muscle and strength and now they are, "feeling the pain".

The primary reasons for this sarcopenia lifestyle muscle loss are declining and ineffective physical activity, poor nutrition on a consistent basis and too much ongoing negative stress. Stress hormones break down the body, including muscle and bone tissue.

Unfortunately some people who should know better promote sarcopenia as being, "age related". As in the banner shown above.

While I agree with the idea that sarcopenia is the number one threat to your health and vitality, I do not agree at all that it is age related. It is not because of your age! That is simply a myth and an excuse too many people use to eliminate themselves from their potential best.

Sarcopenia and muscle leaking are almost entirely lifestyle related!

The main cause of "lifestyle" sarcopenia is declining, ineffective and inconsistent physical activity, poor nutrition and too much unhealthy stress.

That is why I created 50FIT!

50FIT is out to prove that the "age related" sarcopenia theory and mindset is wrong because it is not the truth. Plus, it is just plain wrong to make millions of people think they are victims of their age. That causes me to rage!

OK maybe not rage but definitely get angry. Yes, it makes me very mad to see a message being spread that is not true and causes people to feel sad and blue. The truth is there is much over 50 year olds can do to make our lives better as we age. Especially our fitness and health!

Yes, there are some obvious aging changes we all eventually experience. But when it comes to the leanness, body composition (ratio of fat to muscle), health, bone strength, energy and functional ability, aging changes are minimal from decade to decade as long as you keep your muscle intact and functionally strong.

Dan Ritchie, PHD and an expert in functional aging points out that "master athletes" in their 60's and 70's can usually not match their personal best records from their 20's, 30's and 40's. While some master level athletes over 50 actually do surpass their records from their youth, most do lose a step or two in their later years.

However, many of those master level athletes can still outperform many of the younger athletes they compete with and easily beat less skilled people 20, 30 and 40 years younger than them.

Loss of capacity due to aging is minimal if you know what to do.

Of the factors outlined above the number one contributor to sarcopenia is declining and INEFFECTIVE physical activity. All physical activity is good and beneficial of course. Nonetheless, some forms are better and just a few are best at preventing or reversing of sarcopenia or what I also call "muscle leaking."

And, if being active, lean and healthy and living a long full life and looking and feeling your best is important to you, your muscle leaking condition is setting you up ever so slowly for the exact opposite.

The dilemma of "leaking" muscle

You see, as your muscle leaks a little each day you become a little weaker, a little less energetic and a little slower in your movements. As this happens, your metabolism slows which means your body burns less calories each day which means that the muscle you are leaking is now slowly being replaced by body fat unless you are also reducing calories more each day.

Muscle tissue does not change into fat tissue. That is physically impossible. What can happen though is that muscle tissue can be replaced by fat tissue. Especially if you keep eating the same amount as you were.

But as you leak muscle you are not only a little weaker, less energetic and slower, but also feeling less youthful and growing fatter or at least flabbier and softer (less toned) than you were a week ago.

And though you know you should probably get some physical activity or exercise, each day that your muscle leaks away you feel less and less like getting up and moving. Think of it this way. Your muscle is the physical power source and life force of the body. As you let it leak away each day, you are slowly losing your power.

Older Adults Are Not Sick - They're Just Weak!

Wall Street Journal, July 2014
And, I know it sounds dramatic to say this, but each day you let your muscle leak away you have lost a small slice your life. Why? Because muscle truly is your physical life source.

As you slowly lose muscle, you are ever so slowly starting to lose your life

You may want to argue against what I just said but you cannot argue (well you could I suppose) that as your muscle leaks you are speeding up your aging process and possibly putting yourself on the path to premature disability and death.

Wow, that sounds pretty dramatic right? Let's break it down. Where does heart disease, stroke, type II diabetes, high blood pressure, knee, hip and back pain, excess body fat (obesity for the PC crowd), arthritis and at least some if not all forms of cancer come from?

In many cases a primary factor is a less than healthy body and lifestyle right? And yes, arthritis and cancer are a little tougher to pin down but all of the above are either directly or indirectly related to an inactive, overly stressful day to day lifestyle combined with poor nutrition.

But for now the focus is to help you avoid suffering from muscle leaking or "poverty of the flesh".

I want to do my best to help you "get it" that if you are interested in being your physical best you have got to find a way to stop the "muscle leaking" most people are unknowingly allowing to happen.

50FIT will stop muscle leaking cold in its tracks as well as give you a ton of other cool fitness, health and wellness benefits. In fact, my belief is that you will be positively shocked at how much more incredible you look and feel in just 28 days of following the 50FIT lifestyle prescription program.

Or, you can choose to pay another co-pay at the doctor's office, pop another pill, add another artificial body part or get another adjustment. Those solutions may give you some temporary relief and benefit.

50FIT will give you long term, possibly permanent, benefits

And, you won't have to kill yourself with overly demanding long and boring work-outs or overly restrictive food choices!

But the first benefit I want you to get it is to reverse your muscle loss and begin to restore the muscle of your youth and actually plan to surpass it. Because no matter what else life throws at you, if you are letting your muscle leak away each day, you are in fact living in a sinking ship.

Become an over 50 fitness, health and wellness "rock star"

50fit: A System For Both Men & Women

In order to reverse your muscle loss and enjoy you're over 50 physical rock star life it will require a combination of desire on your part along with taking action on the golden information you will learn in 50FIT.

This is the information I have spent most of my life learning and benefiting from. What I have learned will save you a ton of time, money, suffering and frustration. And, what I have learned will set you free to become the physical "rock star" you may have had no idea lived inside of you.

This information will transform the bodies and health of any man or woman over the age of 50. However, there are obvious differences in men and women and men and women often have different goals and desires in what they want to see and be in their bodies and health.

In 50FIT I have built in adjustments for men and women to follow if they desire. The basic fundamental program will be the same for both sexes but most women do not want "bigger biceps" just as many men are not focused on "slimming their hips".

You will be excited to learn that you can make modifications to the 50FIT system to literally sculpt your body and health as you see fit for a man or a woman.

Marilyn Monroe Started It All Over 50 Years Ago. Now You Will Find All of the Knowledgeable and Wealthy Celebrities Like Demi Moore, Vanna White and Jennifer Anniston (soon to be 50!) Using Routines Like Those in 50FIT to Keep Their Bodies Camera Ready for Movies and TV.

How Benjamin Franklin, Teddy Roosevelt, Sean Connery (still at it!) and Vin Diesel (age 47) Kicked Butt and Took Names Throughout Their Lives and Kept Their Testosterone Levels Ridiculously High. [Hint: It wasn't with the aid of any idiotic "low T" or performance enhancing pills or by mindlessly plodding along on a nearly worthless treadmill!]

People like Demi Moore and the Sean Connery are serious about their fitness health and wellness. They use many of the methods like those in 50FIT. Just because we may not be wealthy celebrities should not mean we have to subject ourselves to less than the best!

50FIT is unique because it does not insult you with "Old Fart Fitness" routines like using tiny plastic dumbbells or water aerobics that are better than sitting on your butt for sure but that do very little to make serious improvements.

At the same time, you are not faced with any "fitness fire-breather" fanatic stuff that leaves you feeling like the hulk has just trashed your body. "Killing yourself fitness" does not work long because any sane and reasonable person will not stay with it for long. So without further ado, see below what 50FIT will do for YOU.

Here's What 50FIT will do for you & Why both men and women love 50FIT!

50FIT is not another weight loss or diet program. 50FIT is an all inclusive "lifestyle prescription program" that improves your body composition (reduces fat/preserves lean, healthy and attractive muscle), your health (avoid/reduce chronic disease and pain) and your performance (mobility, stamina, range of motion, energy, activity ability).

50FIT is an all encompassing yet brief work-out. It improves your core, your strength, your energy systems (heart, lungs, arteries and blood vessels) and movement quality. Most other fitness programs are focused on improving only one of these factors and many of them (such as a treadmill) do a pretty crappy job as far as measurable results go!

50FIT incorporates a sensible and sustainable nutrition format and motivational mind-set tools you can use for not just 28 days of success, but for the rest of your life!

So Here is the bottom line list of what 50FIT means to YOU

If that Wasn't Enough Good Stuff for You Already, Keep Reading!

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Stop Accepting Counter-Fit Fitness, Health, Nutrition and Wellness Solutions That Leave You in a Fog of Frustration!

To enjoy the benefits listed above you must first push past the fog of fitness misinformation being foisted upon you. There is so much counter-fit health, fitness, fat-loss, and wellness information being spread that it can seem impossible to get to the few essential facts you need to know and follow.

In my experience, the number one thing that is messing up over 50 fitness and health lives is ignorance. Not knowing the truth of what is actually possible for you and really works.

In 50FIT you will learn the truth and the few essential facts that you can trust to thrust you into great over 50 shape.

50FIT assumes that living within each over 50 year old person is a true physical stud or stud-ette waiting to be set free! The issue for way too many over 50 year olds though is that they do not believe that this level of fitness is still possible for them. Or perhaps they have never felt that way, even in their under 50 days!

If that describes you, that is about to change for you! Have you ever said or thought, "I wish I knew about this a long time ago? It would have saved me so much time, money, headache and heartache!"

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50FIT is a Legit Smash Hit in 55 Countries!

Here is what others are saying about 50FIT!

"THANK YOU! Wish I had gotten a hold of your 50FITprogram a lot sooner. Would have saved myself a lot of time, money and frustration!!!!!!!!"

Wayne Haltiwanger - Lexington, SC

"Lots of fun and different for me. I teach conditioning for older folks (I'm the baby at 62) and a movement class for people with Parkinson's Disease along with Nia and yoga. I'm betting that some of your program will also be adaptable to some of my various populations. But, I really bought it for myself. A nice progressive program with manuals that are very well written. A real bargain for the price. I've never done KBs before, so it's fun to incorporate something new for my own program. And it's so important to keep the routine geared to functionality as you have done. So glad I found your site. You are the real deal!"

Kat Ionson - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
62 years old, Certified Nia Brown Belt Instructor, Yoga Teacher

"I have learned so much! Both the nutrition manual and the movement manual have helped me to refocus my work-outs and get back on track. I am really enjoying working out with kettle bells. I had never used them before and had no idea how versatile they really are. I also like the way the program is designed; it is a great variety of moves. I have lost some weight and my clothes are beginning to fit better!"

Jeri Blote - California

"What I liked best about 50FIT was all of the variety of different kinds of exercises and moves and it doesn't get boring! I had never used a kettle bell before so it was fun learning how to use one. Also found the nutritional info interesting and love the healthier recipes. I learned that it is never too late to start making changes for a better life!"

Allison Capers, Age 61 - Nebraska

I'm almost done with 50FIT and I LOVE IT!!! I am feeling stronger and leaner, and my back pain has almost completely subsided!

Brook Syers, Age 41 - Houston Texas

"It was easy to follow and the work-outs did not take a lot time. They also didn't need a lot of equipment. The work-outs were short and effective! I learned exercises that I had never seen before and the book was easy to follow. I discovered that I really don't have any excuse for not getting in a quick work-out. I did improve my strength and my flexibility has improved!

Renee White, Age 49 - Kentucky

"I felt Ok before 50FIT and now I feel great! It paid off. Normally I gain about 5 pounds during the holidays and it takes till March to lose it. Instead I LOST four pounds. I like the types of exercises because they help me with everyday living (lifting objects, daily chores, picking up things). I feel stronger and more confident that I will avoid injuries by continuing the 50FIT program. It's wonderful! Thank you Fred

Nancy Avram, Age 50 - California
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Here's What You Get with the 50FIT Lifestyle Prescription Program!


#1 - Welcome to 50Fit Getting Started Guide

28 Days to a Better Body Work-Out Manual This manual is a comprehensive introductory overview of the 50FIT system. It outlines what 50FIT is, why it works, and why it will work for you. You will discover why so much of the standard fitness, health and wellness information is mediocre when it comes to what men and women over the age of 50 should be doing. You will discover why "cardio only" exercises may actually be aging you faster and making you fatter. You will also learn why, how and where to get the best equipment on a shoestring and so much more.

#2 - The 50FIT 28 Day Better Body Book

28 Days to a Better Body Work-Out Manual

Don't Survive, thrive! Professionally Designed Ultra Effective Work-Outs for Men and Women Over the Age of 50 (And far beyond). These work-outs will get great results for any woman or man, whether they are over 50 or as young as 20. But I have paid special care to insure that people over 50 and far beyond can safely, realistically and effectively succeed. This manual was designed with you in mind. No matter whether you are in "bad shape", have never really trained before, have exercised for years, are overweight, underweight, have knee or low back pain, or have never liked "exercise" you will be able to succeed with 50FIT! You'll be able to transform your body over the next 28 days with these incredibly effective full body functional metabolic work-outs that I have spent over 40 years and thousands upon thousands of dollars and hours learning and perfecting. These work-outs can be done in the home, at the gym, in a hotel room or even while camping! They will prime your body for its best and will improve your cardiovascular health, muscle and bone strength, respiratory system, nervous system, ability to drop fat like a hot potato, ability to do more with your body than ever before, look great and feel like a teenager again. I've taken all of the guesswork out of it for you! These are simple, easy to follow work-outs that will transform you over the next 28 days. Then, you can confidently use these exercises and work-outs for the rest of your life and continue to get amazing results! When you consider I normally charge others $147.00 for fitness program design alone, you will see you are getting an outstanding bargain for what you receive! Here's What You'll Get:

  • Time flexible templates to choose from to stay on track. From 30 minute to five minute (see bonuses) sessions to keep your success progressing even when you are time challenged.
  • Exercises progressions from easiest to most challenging. The work-outs are designed for any man or woman of all levels shapes and sizes over 50 to succeed. Whether you are brand new to fitness, out of shape or have been working out for decades, you will have a path to greater success.
  • No equipment needed options as well as suggestions on how to create a very simple and affordable home gym that takes practically no space in your home/office/garage and that you can take with you while traveling.
  • A brief and simple explanation of why the exercises in 50FIT are so good for you compared to so many other less effective programs.
  • Not only will you get access to some of the best exercise movements on the planet with your movement manual, but you'll also receive a lined out schedule for the entire program that will show you exactly what exercises to use each day. Plus, you will get an easy to follow spreadsheet where you will record what you do so that you can see your success on paper with your own eyes! This simple Success Tracker System is one of the secret weapons my clients really like to stay motivated and fired up.

#3 - 50FIT Movement Manual

28 Days to a Better Body Work-Out Manual

Simple yet thorough exercise movement instructions with pictures of me doing the exercise so you can master each movement. You will be kept safe while improving your nervous, muscular and cardio vascular systems and getting in great shape! This manual encompasses nearly 50 pages of the best movements a person over 50 could ever find to bring out the best in their body! It has taken me over 40 years of hard work to learn what you can have within minutes at a smidgeon of what it cost me in money and time

#4 - 50FITNo Nonsense Nutrition Method

28 Days to a Better Body Work-Out Manual

Finally, a no-nonsense nutrition plan you can use for a lifetime of serious success! If diets worked, we wouldn't need another diet, right? It's not your fault that past nutrition plans have failed you. They were far too complicated and hard to follow. Thankfully, you can discover the simple no-nonsense facts about food and being fit. This simple nutrition plan is so easy to follow that you'll be able to use it no matter how busy your life is. You won't have to prepare 6 meals each day and haul around a cooler at work (Like I used to do). Instead, you'll discover how to enjoy your favorite foods without the guilt and unsatisfactory fitness and body fat. You'll be able to enjoy eating, shed fat faster and become healthier and more energetic with a powerful combination of the 50FIT workouts and this easy-to-follow, but no-nonsense nutrition plan that you will love. Here's what you get with the No Nonsense Nutrition Method:

  • A simple formula to know how many calories to aim for each day. This is not a "calorie counting" program per say but calories do affect excess fat build up on the body so "calorie awareness" is important.
  • Nutrition basics of Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates in a way that makes sense to you. These are the three macronutrients and are more important to your success than just counting calories.
  • You will learn why "low fat" diets are truly not the best way to build a lean body and healthy heart.
  • The two nutrition mistakes most people make that keep them over-fat and under-fit and how you can easily avoid these costly mistakes that destroy your otherwise best efforts.
  • An outline of what are the worst foods to eat, which are average, good and great and how to get better at putting more great and less poor foods on your plate.
  • Because of your 50FIT exercise program, you can occasionally eat commonly frowned upon "bad" foods and drink such as french fries or beer and still reach your goals. You will be encouraged to eat more of the great and good foods of course, but there will be those times to take a break from your more disciplined eating!
  • You will get a mix of methods to give you a variety of meal "schedules" throughout the week. For example you will learn ways you can have smaller frequent meals and/or use intermittent fasting, eat larger dinners if you like, have late night snacks, enjoy your favorite carbohydrates occasionally, follow Paleo principles and much much more!
  • The No-Nonsense Nutrition Plan makes sense and can be used for an entire lifetime. I have studied nutrition for over 40 years and worked as a nutrition professional in health care, schools and fitness facilities. This approach incorporates the best of the best of what I have learned, is super simple, gives you choice and flexibility and the ability to occasionally "cheat" and eat your favorite comfort foods. You will be "free" of the foolishness of constant dieting but instead be fortifying your newfound over 50 physical fortress with wholesome, filling, great tasting foods. You will also learn which, if any, supplements you may want to add to your nutrition plan. However, you can be stunningly successful without any supplements!
  • In summary, if you have struggled with food, excess body fat, disciplining yourself to follow a diet and not-so-great health and wellness partly because you eat too much and too much of the wrong stuff, you will be thrilled with the No-Nonsense Nutrition Methods!

So What Are You Waiting For?
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Plus Act Now and Get These FREE Added Bonuses

First Take My 3 Questions Stress Test

If you answered yes to any of the above, I have a bit of bad news for you.

You're over 50 body is bearing the burden of that negative stress.

And, because you and I are over 50 that means that our bodies have spent more years under the burden of stress. If you don't correct it the effects of that ongoing negative stress can build up over time until it takes you to your breaking point. And this is often the case in what you see in millions of women and men over the age of 50. While completing my Master's Degree in Wellness Promotion the most interesting course I took was titled "Stress and Health". Fittingly the title of the book we studied for that course was, "Stress and Health" (Lovallo, 1997).

The point of the book is that nearly every chronic disease and poor health issue we experience is related to ongoing, negative stress.

For example; obesity, high blood pressure, type II diabetes, lack of energy, heart disease, poor sleep, depression, cancer, arthritis, back, knee, hip and shoulder pain are either directly or indirectly related to ongoing, negative stress in a persons life.

After taking that fascinating and eye-opening course and continuing to study stress, health, fitness and wellness on a regular basis I believe I have found one of the least discussed and understood reasons that so many people over 50 are not as healthy, fit and even happy as they could and should be.

And that reason is that we have way too much ongoing negative stress and fear RUNNING our lives. The other major reason that so many people are unhealthy and unfit is that they just don't know what to do and have never been exposed to the truth of what to do.

To help you overcome these over 50 life-squelching, fitness, health and wellness robbing villains I have created...

Bonus #1 - Stop The Stress & Start The Success System

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It is time for you to stop letting negative fear be your first gear. Discover how the worlds top performers turn stress into success with this FREE bonus you can have working for you tomorrow morning by INVESTING IN YOURSELF with the 50FIT program today.

Imagine having tools that help you take back some of the control of your life. Picture putting yourself into the drivers seat of your destiny instead of letting life run over you each day!

Instead you can start gaining greater energy, health and hope for your future and the futures of those you lead, serve, care about and love by learning the stress crushing systems and habits for more fully alive living.

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You Also Get...

Bonus #2 - Fred's Famous Five Minute Fortifiers

Whether you're short on time or you just want to take your workout to another level, these "Five Minute Fortifier" workouts are guaranteed to keep you on track to becoming an over 50 lean, fat-incinerating anti-aging wellness machine!

Some of the leading causes to fitness failure are excuses, procrastination and fatigue. I too have faced those wellness and health demons but have learned to put them in their place by "taking five to fortify" every single day no matter what stressor or challenge has come my way. My nationally famous "five minute fortifiers" can now become your secret wellness weapon too!

With this incredible bonus you will get a wide variety of different 5 minute full body work-outs that you do anywhere, with or without equipment.

Awesome yet brief movement sessions to build variety into your brain and body. Don't cheat yourself any longer. These five minute fortifiers will help you pass the over 50 fitness test!

No more excuses! No more thinking you don't have what it takes! No more thinking that you can't get fit. Live while you can with these awesome five minute fortifiers only found in 50FIT!

The choice is yours...Either go on with your life and choose to be content with the mediocre fitness, health and wellness results you are living with now, OR...Try something new, that you've likely never heard of before for the chance that you will finally start seeing real results from your efforts to turn back the clock and shock yourself with how awesome you look and feel!

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You can test ride 50FIT for a full 60 days. If you are not satisfied at any time during those 60-days, just let me know and we'll send you a full refund.

You are so well-protected by this INSANE 50FIT Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee, and we are so sure that 50FIT is going to give you the greatest results ever that there is NO risk to you at all.

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What Kind of Results Can You Expect to Achieve in Just 28 Days with 50FIT?

In only 28 days from now you can expect to see noticeable and remarkable improvements in:


50FIT will not work for you if you are not committed. 50FIT is not a quick-fix, zero effort needed "magic dust" pipedream answer to substandard fitness, health and wellness.

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You Get All 4 eBooks + THE FREE BONUSES

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NOTE: 50FIT is a series of manuals in PDF format. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download and view all the files onto your computer. The manual format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

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